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About PerfectFit

PerfectFit was conceptualised by our founder Kenzo to help the everyday men overcome the challenges of dressing. Whether it's professional dressing or dress to impress, we help you "close the deal". Our services are honest and affordable. No more prohibitively high prices of tailored suits and often ill-fitting off-the-rack clothing.

Our belief is that you don't need to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe. By taking the premium made-to-measure experience direct to the consumer, we’ve created a superior alternative to off-the-rack clothing, at honest, affordable prices. Customers step into the shoes of a designer to create custom suits of their dream. They select from hundreds of fabrics and endless personalization options, including lapels, pockets, buttons, linings and cut. These suits are then made to their precise measurements and shipped directly to their door within a weeks for a great fit, hassle free.

Our personal experience enables customers to order their custom suit with ease online or in-person. Our motto is: Do well, live well and dress really well. Because your personality isn't the first thing people see.


Our Story


Premium made-to-measure experience direct to the consumer. A superior alternative to off-the-rack clothing, at ready-to-wear honest, affordable prices.

PerfectFit started by our Founder Kenzo. The idea came about when he noticed that whether it's in a professional or social setting, getting what you want requires more than what you know, but like it or not, looks, your presentation, matters. We want to help every men and women through making suits that inspire confidence that people will admire.

Many men can't tell whether to buy a readymade suit or go custom?...What can be fixed by a tailor if you choose to buy off the rack?...How to choose a suit for your body type?...What are the details you should focus on?...How to choose a suit color?...How to ensure that the suit you buy, is versatile? Do you know that the color/pattern, the fabric used and the suit details can individually, make it less or more formal? What makes a suit more formal, less formal or completely casual? So this is where we come in. We help men make that dream suit so you can get what you want in your life.


Our Price and Honesty Commitment

What's the basic cost of a suit? We did our research and investigation: +-600RMB. That's right, less than 90 USD!! Material cost: 250RMB and +-400RMB for the labour.

At PerfectFit, we reject over-priced suits with unreasonable mark-up. We are honesty-over-profit business. Our 2-piece suits are 799RMB, period. Of course, if you want to splurge (which is not necessary) and use imported materials, bone or horn buttons, we will also be able to help at fair, honest and transparent prices. How is that for transparency and honesty.

Why are other online suits and men's tailor shops so expensive? Because of operating costs; They have to pay rent, marketing, ads and mostly, profit! At PerfectFit, we cut all these unneccesary costs and passing the benefit to you, our clients. We spend our reasonable and fair profit on spending time on our clients through one-on-one personalized service and style advice. We understand that the more we learn about our clients, their needs, style and preferences, the better the final suit. We prefer to spend our time with our clients, zero-time on fancy, expensive marketing campaigns. We dress men to impress! 

Our promise: superior quality, custom-made suits fitted to every customer. Most importantly, at a fraction of the price of comparable products of upmarket brands.

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