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Honest and Fair Prices You Can Trust
Unlike most of the suit shops in China and especially in clothing and suit stores such as the fabric market in Shanghai, our pricing is open and transparent. You don't need to bargain with us because we already quoted you THE best price. We offer affordable HAND-MADE suit that is stylish and higher-quality.

Honest Price


2-piece suit

3-piece suit




1488 RMB

1588 RMB

988 RMB

548 RMB

488 RMB



1 x 488 RMB

100% Wool

1788 RMB

2088 RMB

1288 RMB

588 RMB

688 RMB


388 RMB

2 x 788 RMB

3 x 888 RMB

  • Working buttons, pick stitching, ticket pocket, pen pocket, half-canvassed suit, collar felt color, buttonholes color, pants cuffing, initials embroidery (3 letters max) are all additional 50 RMB each.


  • Custom suit linings are 250RMB for a 2-piece suit, 350MB for a 3-piece suit. 

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