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Rookie Suit Mistakes

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I mentioned in my previous article that Fit is KING and that I would elaborate on it in the next article but what I saw this weekend compelled me to point out some rookie mistakes some men still make today. Let's delve right into it. 

1. I'll start with the most common first: Trouser length. 8 out of 10 men gets it wrong. The perfect length of your suit trouser or pants should end just above the top of your ankel. A LITTLE shorter or longer is fine. It's personal preference. Beyond that it's a fashion train-smash. It's simply not cool. The crease or fold on the end of the trouser is called "breaks". Ideally you don't want any clear "breaks". It should just hang or drape "straight" on your legs. The right picture above on the right is perfect

2. Have you ever wondered why some men just look so sharp in their suit and you can't exactly pinpoint why? Wearing suits is all about proportions and matching color schemes. But your tie should never match your suit color. You want it to stand out against the white shirt background.

3. Talking about ties, your tie should never be the same color as your pocket sqaure. Again, you want your pocket sqaure to stand out. Shades of your pocket sqaure color is fine but never the SAME.

4. I know this one is quite evident but yes there are still men committing this rookie mistake. Belt color should match your shoes color. Enough said.

5. This I mention the last not because it's least common but it's the most important. Your suit sleeve should be above your wrist bone. You know when you go to a traditional chinese doctor and the place she feel the pulse on your wrist?That's roughly where your suit sleeve should end. You have to leave enough space for half inch of your shirt sleeve and a watch! And yes, ALWAYS WEAR A WATCH when you are suited up!

And there you have it! Don't want to be treated as a rookie then eliminate these mistakes today and be respected! 

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