Style Advising  

More than just suits, we are your personal stylist.

At PerfectFit, we are more than suit tailors, we are your personal style advisor and help you with personal fashion insights so you can get what you want. We get to know you first, finding out the purpose of your new suit and thereby designing the perfect suit that achieve its purpose, whether it's to command respect, increase your earning power, or raise your attraction levels. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Fair and Honest Price

No middleman, you pay less.

At PerfectFit we cut out the middleman. You don't have to pay for rent, large employee salary, training costs, ads and marketing fees of typical suit store when you checkout. You pay for your suit. Full stop.  

At PerfectFit you actually get to meet the tailor that makes your suits in Shanghai, not a "sales professional" that are company-trained to sell. Our styles adviser meet with you and our tailor to come up with the perfect fitting garment. You also get the opportunity visit our workshop studio in Shanghai, where your tailored suit is actually made. You get to experience first-hand how a garment is made and go away with a memorable immersive experience. Gone are the days where you go to the Shanghai fabric market or an expensive suit store and get pitched by a sales pro. We bring the Shanghai wholesale fabric market to you.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Client satisfaction and high-quality service is our priority.

At PerfectFit, our business is built by referrals. This means that client satisfaction and high-quality service is very important to us. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also guarantee that you will get 100% personal attention and all your needs are met at PerfectFit.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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